Lululemon Bag Upcycled Into Bucket Hat... IN ONE MINUTE

✨ my first TikTok video ✨

upcycling a Lululemon bag into a bucket hat... in ONE MINUTE lol

I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring reworked vintage clothing on Instagram and came across @putrisamboda. Recently, she’s been making clothing and accessories from alternative materials like McDonald’s bags, Indomie Instant Noodles packaging, White Rabbit candy wrappers, just to name a few you may know.

Inspired by her creativity in upcycling all of this food packaging, I mentioned this idea to one Chris Crary (@crary, @photonportland) and as a former ambassador for Lululemon, he mentioned that he has A BUNCH of Lululemon bags laying around.

If you’re anything like me, you save these bags and take great care for them like the leggings and bra set you purchased to get that bag. Never would I consider CUTTING THESE BAGS APART. But I did. And here’s the end product.

I’m contemplating selling bucket hats but I’m still in the process of figuring out sizing and assembly and I was WAY TOO EXCITED not to post this. This isn’t a tutorial (there may or may not be one coming soon), but just some process photos and notes I wanted to share. @coolirpa has an easy-to-follow bucket hat tutorial that I mentioned in my Heineken Bottle Halloween Costume post.

some bts + notes

cut the bag *tears*

I have these window pieces I cut out of card stock to make sure I’m happy with the way the piece will look when I cut it.

piece together

After creating the brim, band, and lid, I sewed together the brim and band pieces. I used a stitch length of 4.0 so that it would be easy for me to seam rip if I made any mistakes. Which I did. I top stitched each piece so that the seams would lay flat. Before I enclosed the band and brim, I top stitched the seams to lay flat.

AND THEN I SPENT WHAT FELT LIKE HOURS ATTACHING THE LID. This isn’t easy for me to do with regular fabric. If anyone has any tips or tricks, PLEASE SHARE. Please.

finishing touches

I notched the brim so the seams wouldn’t look so rigid and uncomfortable. I also forgot to attach the interior part of the brim to the exterior part before attaching it to the band so I had to attach the exterior part as the last step. OOPS.

Also, here are the scraps. I’m hanging on to them to see if I can patch work something…

the end