Halloween Costume: SUSHI (SALMON NIGIRI) | gathered pillow, shorts, face mask, scrunchie

Because of my addiction to Pinterest, I have 100+ boards (not lying… see my Pinterest HERE) each organized with subsections in which I take pride in organizing pins into. Of these 100-something boards, I have a board called “home”, filled with photos of decor, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms which currently is just one huge wishlist of things that I will most likely never own. It’s fine.

Anyway, one week, Pinterest’s algorithm kept feeding me pins about bed linens and that got me thinking about making my own duvet and pillow cases. Naturally, because I like to make everything more difficult than it needs to be (in sewing and in general), I didn’t want to just put two pieces of fabric together and call it a pillow. With all of the bedroom decor inspiration I was exposed to, I wanted to make a textured pillow using a gathering technique I’d finally gotten the hang of. And so, the fabric was gathered and the pillow was made! The sushi costume was honestly just an afterthought while I was trying to brainstorm easy Halloween costume ideas.

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I learned how to gather from a video from Fashion Wizardry (linked below). I used a 20x20-in pillow from IKEA and just kind of winged it. I basically made the pillow case and then attached each of the four layers of gathering to the front of the pillow. Below are some notes I wrote down when I was making the pillow. If anyone wants more clarification, just let me know!


DIY V-Neck Ruffle Hem Top | Men’s Shirt Refashion



I sized up but I probably could’ve just stuck to my actual size. This pattern was SO EASY TO FOLLOW. 10/10 would recommend. There are also two different options for finishing the bottom of the shorts: curved or square. I wish that I would’ve used a more crepe-like fabric but I just used what I had on-hand!


Avalon Shorts from Peach Patterns

face mask

These are the pleated face masks that I sell in my Etsy shop! Shamelessly plugging myself below.


How to Make a Pleated Face Mask in Under 15 Minutes


I have so much scrap fabric that I hoard specifically for making small things like this! This scrunchie is made from fabric I was using to make masks. It's supposed to be wasabi!


DIY Satin Scrunchie from tintofmint

When I ordered the pattern for the Amelie top, the scrunchie pattern was an added bonus!