Halloween Costume: POPCORN | reformation-inspired top, shirred top, puff sleeves, shorts, scrunchie

Fresh, stovetop-popped popcorn has been my favorite snack for years now. Popcorn prepared with some olive oil and Himalayan salt is a healthy alternative to chips especially if you’re having a salt craving PLUS you can eat the whole bowl without feeling guilty. Please note that I also love chips, namely Kettle Chips (Korean BBQ, Honey Dijon, and Salt and Vinegar) and I will never not love chips.

One day, I was on Reformation in search of a dress to wear to a wedding. My very best friend Alyssa was helping me look for a dress and we were actually eating popcorn as an afternoon snack (not lying). As I was browsing, I noticed two key trends in their dresses and tops: shirring and puff sleeves.

Since I just learned how to shirr and recently found a pattern for a small puff sleeve dress,

I really wanted to recreate a few of the Reformation dresses and tops. I loved the texture of the shirring and the puff sleeves were on what seemed like every single dress. Maybe it was because I was eating popcorn at that moment, but all of these clothes just reminded me of the texture and look of popcorn. (See how side-tracked I was getting from actually looking for a dress to wear to that wedding. I’m a squirrel!)

So, when I was thinking of cute food-inspired holiday costumes and outfits, this popcorn-inspired puff sleeve and textured top was an easy fit. Keep reading for some behind the scenes of how I made this popcorn inspired outfit and some shirring tips (super useful especially if you have a Brother sewing machine!).

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reformation-inspired top

I ordered this elastic thread from Amazon and I had a bunch of white fabric on-hand that I use as the interior lining for my face masks. I am very bad at calculating anything and everything. So, trying to figure out the amount fabric I needed to cut was no exception. I ended up cutting two pieces: one was 9 x 33-in and marked in .5-in increments and another piece that was 9 x 15-in and marked it in 1-in increments. I shirred the lines I drew and then served the two separates together. I probably could’ve taken it in a couple inches to make it a bit tighter fitting.

When loading your bobbin of elastic thread, I would highly recommend you watch this video if you’re sewing with a Brother machine!

For the sleeves, I referenced a Simplicity puff-sleeve dress pattern but extended the top by 2-in and bottom by 3-in so that I would have allowance to insert some elastic to the top of the sleeve. First, I tried shirring the shoulders but it was just too loose. I cut a piece of elastic that was 12.5-in (1/4-in width) for the shoulders, which I inserted into a tunnel I created. I glued down 1/4-in as a (lazy) hem and then folded fabric over 1-in. Then, on the bottom of the sleeve I also glued down 1/4-in as a hem and measured 2-in up from there to do one strip of shirring. Does any of that make sense…? If it does, great! If not, please let me know so I can clarify!


Simplicity 8126 Misses’ East-to-Sew Vintage Dress

I can’t find the exact one I used so here’s something similar that I hope works!

inspo photos



Because I wanted the top to be tighter fitting, I wanted looser, baggier shorts. I sized up but I probably could’ve just stuck to my actual size. This pattern was SO EASY TO FOLLOW. 10/10 would recommend. There are also two different options for finishing the bottom of the shorts: curved or square. I wish that I would’ve used a more crepe-like fabric but I just used what I had on-hand!


Avalon Shorts from PeachPatterns


I have so much scrap fabric that I hoard specifically for making small things like this! This scrunchie is made from an old IKEA duvet cover, which I also used to make Garrett a button-up!


DIY Satin Scrunchie from tintofmint

When I ordered the pattern for the Amelie top, the scrunchie pattern was an added bonus!