Halloween Costume: HEINEKEN BOTTLE | bucket hat, jumpsuit, face mask

If you’re from the Big Island like me, chances are that your dad, your uncle, your brother, and your dad’s uncle’s brother prefer to INU DA GREEN BOTTLEZ (drink beer in green glass bottles).

Of the green bottle assortment my dad used to keep in his garage fridge (Heineken, Steinlager, and Stella) my personal favorite was Heineken for two reasons. First, as someone who has always been into lettering and typefaces, I liked the Heineken font the best. Secondly, and most importantly, it always seemed that Heineken was on sale at Foodland.

A while ago, I bought some pine green fabric to make face masks out of but y’all weren’t all that into them. So I had all this green fabric just… sitting there. A couple days later, I opened my fridge at home and saw that Lulu had brought home some Heinekens. And then, all of a sudden, I knew what I wanted to do with all that green fabric. Make a jumpsuit and bucket hat, duh.

Keep reading to see some behind the scenes of how I made this Heineken inspired outfit and what patterns and tutorials I used. ALSO, it's very necessary here to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my boyfriend Garrett for agreeing to ~MoDeL~ this for me. Thank you for being the best and for just being you.

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bucket hat

Initially, I bought a pattern so that I could save myself from dealing with the math of drafting my own pattern pieces for the brim and the band. I made a few iterations of the bucket hat using that pattern as practice but wasn’t a huge fan of the directions and construction process. The pattern pieces were great though so I kept those but just ended up using coolirpa’s bucket hat tutorial for assembly. This bucket hat has three layers (two layers of polycotton and one layer of interfacing). It's also reversible! For the final iteration of the bucket hat that Garrett is wearing in the look book photos, I changed my stitch length to 5.0 (in the behind-the-scenes photos posted here I’m using 2.5).


DIY Bucket Hat by coolirpa

more bucket hat photos of @alykuro

behind the scenes

face mask

These are the pleated face masks that I sell in my Etsy shop! Shamelessly plugging myself below.


How to Make a Pleated Face Mask in Under 15 Minutes


THIS WAS NOT FUN. Sorry for being so honest but this jumpsuit is something I would like not to make. Ever. Again. I used my measurements and somehow ended up making a jumpsuit that fit my boyfriend! I tried to have SOME fun by color blocking the collar, sleeves, and pockets. Then I realized Garrett looked like Luigi from Super Mario Bros. Great. Also worth noting that I am not all that into the velcro front closure! If I had a longer timeframe to work on this, I would have definitely opted for button or snap closures. End rant.


Simplicity Pattern 8722 Men’s, Misses, and Teens Costumes