Face Mask Donation List

When I first started selling masks through Instagram, I ran a buy one donate one program: for each mask sold I would donate a mask to a Portland eatery open for take-out and delivery during the beginning of the pandemic. Below you’ll find a list of some of the eateries I was able to donate to and my go-to orders from each spot. There’s also a few non-eateries on this list that I was able to donate to!

I am ALWAYS looking to donate masks so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if your small business is in need of some!


Big’s Chicken

DEFINITELY my favorite eatery in Beaverton! that’s all.

go-to order. Half Bird with White Gold and Jerk sauces. don’t forget Jojos!!!! I REPEAT DO NOT FORGET THE JOJOS.

Claima Stories with Bimma Podcast

I listen to lots of podcasts and audiobooks while I’m sewing and this was one of my favorites! Bimma Williams and team interview individuals in the sportswear industry about their experiences that paved their current career paths.

favorite episodes. DeWayne Dale (a former coworker from KEEN!) + Bryce Wong + Purvi Patel

Grind Wit Tryz

go-to order. rotating menu so depending on what’s on it... Meat Jun. Lechon Kawali. Kalbi Short Ribs. Dynamite Katsu. MASSIVE PORTION SIZES are also worth noting here. you could order two plates and have enough leftovers to last you for two days. i recommend learning the hard way and finding out for yourself!


go-to order. Thit Kho (THE BROTH THOUGH. I could live off of it). not a sweets person but I don’t forego a couple bites of a Pandan Donut from these guys.

Mt. View Elementary School

Never Coffee

My favorite coffee shop in Portland, no contest. Their branding is also my favorite. it’s just unreal and i love it. During the beginning of the pandemic, they offered latte pick-ups where you could order a bottled assortment of their signature bevs that would keep for up to a week in a fridge. fun fact: Never was the first eatery I donated masks to!

go-to whole bean coffee order. Les Fauves OR Flowers Blend. ~bonus~ each bag of coff comes with a limited edition pin!

go-to latte order. Holy Grail with Oat Milk. Matcha is good too!


Japanese bakery literally down the road from where I used to live in Beaverton. their savory selection of curry donuts is Garrett’s favorite.

go-to order. Kare Donut + Edamame Kare Donut + Katsu Kare Pan

Roxy’s Island Grill

go-to order. half Garlic Chicken + half Shoyu Chicken. love love love their Mac Salad.

Tustin Longevity Center

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