office supplies

two words: label maker


I label everything. EV 👏🏼 ER 👏🏼 Y 👏🏼 THING 👏🏼 

I’m not joking either. Peep the photos of all the unnecessary things that I used my label maker for!



I’m old school. I love a good pen and a smooth piece of paper. I especially love a pen that I can ERASE. I used to strictly use pencil because I make SO MANY mistakes and/or I just am very particular about my penmanship… most of the time. In high school and college I would take notes in class (sloppily) and then rewrite them when I got home. I would let people assume that I did this to better retain the material covered in class BUT REALLY it was because I wanted to rewrite them to be better organized and neat.

my workspace