hi 👋🏼

i'm haupachi

and I like to make things, and then show you how to make them.

for free.

so, if you enjoy doing things yourself like upcycling and sewing then you've clicked yourself to the right place.
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do-it-yourself + upcycling + sewing + tutorials 

Making things with my own hands will always have a rewarding appeal, much more than being in the position to purchase something outright. 


But, most of the time I felt unconfident because of my lack of formal training, harsh self-criticism and, what I perceived as, a limited amount of resources. I felt this way until my old co-worker who worked as an innovation designer explained to me that not having all the resources and materials readily available to him actually encouraged him to be more creative with what he had in the moment. 


Because learning and trying anything new can be either exciting or intimidating, I wanted to create a space for myself and others who are interested in similar things I am and feel the same way I do. 


I hope to create tutorials that are the easiest to follow and FREE.

I hope haupachi made allows me to do a better job at documenting and supporting things that are important to me. Most importantly, I hope others share the same enthusiasm and interest in these short stories and resources.


I try my best to do what I can with what I have… and I hope you will, too. 

some (unsolicited) information

haupachi? who? what’s that?

“haupachi” combines my first name, Haunani, and “menpachi”. menpachi are known as fish that have massive eyes, to which my eyes have been compared to. naturally this has become a nickname as well as my instagram handle.

based in portland, from big island

PDX NO KA ‘OI. don’t @ me.

I graduated from Western Oregon where I majored in marketing and minored in writing. Been in Portland ever since!

my interests (a.k.a. obsessions)

(listed in alphabetical order, naturally) 

COFFEE, figuring out how to DIY things, foooooood (cooking it, eating it, trying + failing to grow it, food carts, etc.), growing my dishware/plating collection, Joanna Gaines, my amazing friends, Pinot Noir, sparkling water (Topo Chico!!!), structure, true crime podcasts, YETI